JSON / Rich Snippets Setup

Pure & simple: increase your stores organic SEO traffic through Google's Rich Results.

  • Increased Organic Search Traffic
    • Gain more traffic organically from Google without having to pay or fight for it by gaining better rankings using Rich Results & Rich Snippets.
  • Increased Conversions
    • Show your product details, ratings, pricing & availability directly on Google, increasing your conversions rates from search originating customers.
  • Safe & Fast Results
    • Results typically begin to appear on Google within a few days.

How Does This Work?

"Google still sends 10x more traffic to websites than anyone else (including PPC)!!!" @BritneyMuller on Twitter, via Jumpshot.

Organic search & SEO traffic is still an insanely critical source of traffic & conversions for all Shopify Stores. While we may think social media apps are where we should be putting all of our focus, the stats don't lie:

To not invest in your SEO strategy, which could be an enormous source of revenue for your Shopify store long term, is a mistake. There are no two ways around it.

But we all know SEO is an extremely competitive beast to master. 

If you're going to win, you need to beat your competitor's rankings or stand out so much in the search results that your customers can't help but notice you.

Google's Rich Results and Rich Snippets is the best way to stand out.

Just take this screenshot below of our store Posted Protein on Google today – we may not rank number 1 for the search term, but this link alone generates thousands of clicks for us every month (that are 100% FREE):

Google Rich Snippet Result for Posted Protein - Grenade Pick & Mix 12 Protein Bars

Notice that not only is the top of our product description being displayed, but also our total review count (416+ on this product), the price, and the availability. 

Instead of a vanilla listing, this pops out to the customer & demonstrates immediate social proof, plus gives the customer a considerable amount of data before they even have to make a click. 


With attention comes a click, and with a click, we can attract those increased conversions without spending an additional penny on advertising.

However, to get Rich Results, we need to structure your site data in such a way that Google can understand it. 

Hundreds of fields formatted in a specific technical format all to give Google the perfect data it needs to start pushing attention towards your Shopify store.

And all of that data has to be structured in such a way that it's error-free, or Google won't deliver any results whatsoever. 


Our JSON / Rich Snippets Setup service for Shopify merchants is the easiest, fastest and not efficient way to start pushing your data into Google search results.

We regularly update our code to ensure we're always up to date with Google best practices and staying ahead of the pack. 

Continuously tested, you'll rapidly begin seeing your structured data appearing on not only Google but Bing, Pinterest, DuckDuckGo and many other search resources.

After purchasing our service, we'll have Rich Snippets set up on your store within 24-48 hours. 

The best part? You don't need to configure a thing or spend weeks constructing your data. We'll do the hard work of pulling everything from your Shopify store and structuring it in a format Google loves.


Here's all you need to do to get Rich Snippets set up on your store & into Google:

  1. Purchase this service.
  2. We'll email you a short form requesting access to your store theme file.
  3. We'll install the structured data files on your store.

That's it!

There's zero configuration; no weird & wonderful settings to change.

We'll have you up & running with structured data fast with no fuss. 


Not sure if you need this service?

Get in touch! We don't want to sell you a service you don't need. We'll analyse your site for free & send you the results. 

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Customer Reviews

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Worked a treat

Must admit we were dubious about this, but after a call with Tom & learning more about what was possible we decided to try this out & see if we could improve our Google listings.
Within 3 days we had Rich Snippet results already appearing on Google! So impressed & genuinely worth every penny for something that will help us increase our organic traffic more & more. Thanks Tom!