Speed Boosting


The behemoth that is Amazon ran some tests - for every 100ms that their page speed was delayed, they lost 1% of revenue. 

For a six-figure store (let's assume a revenue of £100,000 per year), if we could improve revenue simply by loading your site 1 second quicker that's a potential gain of £10,000 in revenue annually just by improving your customer's experience.

This stuff matters. A lot.


Lazy Loading

When a customer lands on your website they only need to see the images & content they're looking at right at that very moment.

They don't need to load the content that's two thumb scrolls below until they're just above it, so why put the load on their device?

Lazy Loading will increase your site speed dramatically & increase your audience's experience of your store dramatically. 

This tends to be one of the most significant speed optimisations available; images are usually pretty large & the heaviest elements on a page. 

We implement this everywhere it makes sense: homepages, collections, product pages & blogs.

Better experience due to faster load times = more revenue.


Image Optimisation

Image Compression

We can compress the size of your images and optimise them (without loss of quality) to reduce the file size. Furthermore, we'll ensure you're serving scaled images & in a format that's a lighter load.

Typically, there are two parts to compression:

  • Using a compression app
  • Locating & manually compressing images that can't be compressed by apps, such as inside blog posts, product descriptions, etc..

We'll also give you a set of instructions on how to compress images in the future so you don't need to call on us again & again. (Unless you want to, of course!)

Serving Scaled Images

Secondly, we also want to make sure your site isn't unnecessarily loading images that too big for the container size (such as collection pages where the customer only needs to see a thumbnail of your product).

File Type

Finally, we'll convert your images to a file size that makes sense. In some locations, a jpg makes sense, while in others a png does. For example, on product pages, a jpg can be up to 10x smaller while looking exactly the same.  


App Analysis / Optimisation

Removal of Old App Code

As Shopify Merchants ourselves, we've installed & trialled lots of apps to find the best solution from the bunch. Problem is, more often than not, these apps leave the old code in your theme file. Even if the app has gone, the code is still lingering & slowly your site down. 

We'll compare the apps you have installed with the loaded resources on your site, then find and remove the old code & scripts that aren't in use any longer.

Conditional Loading

The next step is to see which apps you need on each page. A lot of apps are only required on some pages or templates, yet they're still loaded on every page of your site.

We'll look for opportunities such as these to reduce page load & implement a fix where we can.

Identify Server Errors

If you run Chome Inspector & load up Developer Tools you'll often times see server errors showing up in here caused by apps. 

By running this task we'll often times resolve them, but if not we'll make recommendations on how to fix them.


Minify My Code

We'll grab your CSS and JS files and minify them (reduce their size), but we'll also identify and third-party scripts that are putting a significant load on your site and make suggestions on how to fix them.


Fix Server Errors

Seeing server errors in Chome Developer Console? 90% of the time we can fix these. 

For that 10% we can, we'll dig into your code and see what's causing them. We'll then give you actions steps to take and who to contact to go about solving them (often the app developers). 


Other Questions On Speed Optimisation?

Shoot us a message & we'll be happy to answer them! We're more than willing to complete a full analysis on your site for free before you select any of the options above. 

We've zero interest in charging you to fix a problem that doesn't exist. If it ain't broke, we're not gonna charge you to fix it. 🤷

Otherwise, select an option above & we'll get to work within 24-48 hours. We want your site to be flying & increasing those conversions!

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