7 Figure eCommerce Email Marketing (2021 Edition)

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Discover How To Sell Through Email and Stop Wasting Time And Money When it Comes to Your eCommerce Store

👀 Are you looking to build an email list, create profitable automations and figure out how to send out campaigns your customers actually look forward to receiving? 

Do you own or are looking to set up a Shopify store and realize you're leaving money on the table by not fully utilizing email to its full potential?

💰 Most people know the value of email, but even those that have been in eCommerce for 5+ years have no idea how much money they could be making with a strong email marketing strategy. 

Instead, they flounder through books, YouTube videos, blog articles, stumbling across misinformation because they can't piece every bit together and get it from one single, trusted source.

🙈 They waste months, if not years, spend $1,000's+ on Facebook Ads, lose time and enormous opportunity cost because they weren't willing to invest in one powerful, all-in resource.

My course has everything you need. 

🇬🇧🍫  I'm Tom Brown. A British entrepreneur that built a 7-figure brand, Posted Protein, from the ground up over 5 years. 

In 2019 I then launched a Shopify Plus marketing agency, BRND Labs, teaching everything I know to clients and helping them recreate my results by working with my team to set up their stores, email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook Ads, product launches and so much more. 

It took me over ten years to break through, $1000's in courses and consultant fees & masterminds, and I'll give you everything I know about email marketing in just a few hours.

🔑 Nothing you don't need, everything you do. This is a complete guide so you stop wasting time and any more days, weeks and months trying to figure this out alone. Copy everything that works on our Shopify store & our clients Shopify Plus stores.

In this course, I cover how to set your email marketing on auto-pilot for your Shopify store.

You can use these techniques to sell through email, gain more email subscribers, and to stop wasting your time and money. 

Look behind the scenes at how my agency utilizes automated email flows, executes 6-figure product launches and creates record-breaking sale events.

Heck, I even show you the strategies & tactics we're using on our 7-figure Shopify Plus client stores, and our own 7-figure Shopify store!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this in-depth course event: 👇


  • How to create a Welcome Flow that drives customers to want to buy your product – with condition-based automations that are super simple to set up.
  • Browse Abandonment flows that make $$ from every recipient.
  • Cart Abandonment flows that your customers LOVE receiving and can't wait to open.
  • Checkout Abandonment flows (hint, there's a difference to cart & checkout).
  • Post Purchase Flows that turn customers into REPEAT buyers.
  • A brain-dead simple way to say Thank You and create raving fans.
  • List Cleaning & Deliverability resources/tips/tricks to keep you in your user's inbox and out of spam folders.
  • Win Back flows to get back customers that may have never purchased again.
  • Sunset flows to keep your list engaged & clean.
  • Our 6-Figure Launch Strategy.
  • Our BFCM launch guide for 2020. (Normally $99)
  • Drive users through these flows again and again without wasting more of your time.

... and much, MUCH more!


Don't miss this breakthrough course that will finally show you how to put your email marketing on true "auto-pilot" once and for all... no matter WHAT you sell on Shopify or WHO you sell it to.

🤔 Why is this only $297? 

My normal hourly rate is $150 or a flat $4,000 to set up email flows for our clients. We run the entire creative, design, copy and execution. Our Shopify Plus retainer clients pay us $5,000+ per month to handle their email & SMS marketing on auto-pilot for them. 

For $297 you're gaining a free 30-minute call with me 1-on-1, access to hours of learning and over a decade of my experience in email marketing. The same exact strategies & tactics that allowed me to build a 7-figure brand on Shopify.

For the last 2 years, I've been working 1:1 with our clients while watching as thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs struggle to get a handle on the fundamentals. 

Most small online business owners don't have $4,000+ to spend when they're getting started, especially during this current crisis and explosion of online commerce. 

🎙 I wanted to create something that was 1:MANY. To help the thousands of Shopify store owners and eCommerce business owners that need my help and need to stop reading & listening to the bullshit in Facebook groups and on Twitter that lead them down the garden path of confusion.

If you value your time & you're serious about using email marketing to grow your business, this course will give you all the information you need to make 1,000x the investment – and beyond!

Take the course, copy what's working for other 5,6,7-figure stores and move forward growing your business with confidence!



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