Who is Tom Brown?


In 2015, after a string of entrepreneurial journeys (failures), I founded a company called Posted Protein. 

I was lost, having just had to put protein bar brand to bed for lack experience in how to scale from 200 bars to 100,000 per day, I took a step back and questioned it all. 

I had an audience that was buying my product. I'd built the entire thing through Instagram without any paid ad spend. 

But short of raising hundreds of thousands of pounds (yup, I'm a Brit 🇬🇧), I was stuck.

So I reverse engineered the entire process. 

I figured, if I could build an audience to a large enough scale over the course of 1-2 years, then we'd relaunch our line of protein bars & sell them to an already highly engaged audience. 

Fast forward a few years and Posted Protein is now a 7-figure brand. 

Over the course of those 5+ years, I've told my story thousands of times – not to feed my own ego (although it's been nice), but to show others exactly what's possible. 

If I could build a seven-figure store selling other peoples products in an insanely competitive market, then you absolutely could too. 

In early 2019 I took another step back & looked at the work I was doing day-day. While I'd built Posted Protein, I wasn't satisfied. I'd built the thing, but I missed the journey. I missed building the product that generates the sales, and I missed the exhilarating ride of figuring out problems first hand as a merchant. 

So I began doing more & more private consulting work. First, with the brands we already had great relationships with at Posted Protein (they'd seen us grow PP & knew we were capable), and then new clients that were learning about us through word of mouth. 

Throughout the first few months of 2019 the demand increased for more & more of our services. 

Again, with a small & nimble team, we launched BRND Labs and began taking our experiences – growing Posted Protein and growing numerous other Shopify stores – and services public. 

And we haven't looked back since.

The very site you're on is growing rapidly. We're rolling out new services constantly all in a bid to break through the noise & bring the solutions and the strategies that Shopify merchants really need. 

No BS. No weird & wonderful tricks. Just straight results. We're Shopify merchants ourselves, first and foremost. 

We've been exactly where you are, we've endured the challenges and we know exactly where the growing pains are.

Dealing with Shopify experts and app developers shouldn't be hard. We want to make this stuff clear, transparent and actionable. 

Plus, there are way too make fake "gurus" out there and the truth needs to be heard. 

Myself and my team stand with absolute pride behind our products and services. I'm putting all of it on the line – my own reputation and the reputation of the business I built depends upon it. 

We genuinely believe what we offer to be the best Shopify advice, services, courses and products out there. And seriously, if they're not, tell us. 

If you have any questions whatsoever, myself and the team are always standing by.


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