Join me as I build a new Shopify store


Purpose: To bring together small & budding entrepreneurs. I'll demonstrate how to define an audience, create a product to serve them, source it, price it correctly, market it, fulfil it and profitably scale it without seeking outside capital to 6 or 7-figures.

Who It's For: Small existing business owners looking to learn from a 7-figure Shopify business owner and consultant as he starts again from scratch. (That's me, BTW.)

Or budding entrepreneurs that have no idea where to begin and are looking for someone with experience to guide them.

What We'll Cover: You'll get an over the shoulder look as I build a new brand from scratch. You'll be by my side as I define the audience I'm going to serve, source the product (I'll show you how), market the brand in both free organic + paid acquisition channels, figure out the operations, and scale to a goal of 7-figures within 12-24 months or less.

Bottom Line: I'm going to document everything about growing a new business so you can see it done for real, and apply it to your own current or future business. Plus you'll meet some darn awesome people in the group.

What Else You'll Get:
• Live weekly Q&A calls
• Community access to a private group (think of it as a Facebook group without the distractions)
• Ask me questions within the group
• Get feedback on your own business as you grow alongside me using the tools, tactics and strategies provided


I'm offering a free 2-week trial and a discounted early bird lifetime rate of $39.99 when you opt in via form below. Drop your email and I'll send you a unique link in just a sec. 




(Disclaimer: I may crash and burn. Heck, it'll be fun for all of us though and you – and me – should learn a ton. One thing I promise is that you'll meet some awesome new people in the community.)


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