Email Flow Automation

It may not be sexy, but email marketing is still one of the greatest drivers of sales & one of the highest possible returns on investment you could hope for. 

Our clients typically see a 10-20% lift in revenue by deploying email automation.

But, what's more, they see anywhere from 10-30% of their sales coming directly from these email flows each month over time. 

By sending your customers the right message at the right time, based on where they are in their journey with your brand, ensures we're adding value to the relationship & not becoming further noise in your customers' inbox. 

This is about "scaling the unscalable"; creating a highly personalised experience for your customer that leads to a long-term customer relationship, yet runs completely on autopilot.

Key Benefits

  • Marketing on Autopilot – by segmenting your customers based on their behaviour & sending the right message at the right time. 
  • 10-20% Average Lift In Revenue – once deployed, email automation is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • 10-30% of Revenue Attributed to Automation – ongoing, our clients see on average 10-30% of their total sales revenue come from these automated flows. 
  • A Personalised Customer Experience – your store contains more data about your customers than you're probably aware of; deploy that data & ensure you're giving your customer the ultimate personalised experience tailored to them.


Here's what we'll set up for you:

  • Migration to Klaviyo (if you're not already using Klaviyo)
  • Integrate:
    • Shopify
    • Facebook Ad Account (to create custom audiences)
  • Set up the following 8 flows:
    • Welcome Series
    • Cart Reminders
    • Browse Abandonment (Viewed the store but didn't add to cart)
    • New Customer Thank You
    • Repeat Customer Thank You
    • Post-Purchase Check In
    • Win Backs (No purchase in 70-150 days)
    • Cross-Sells
  • Monitor & optimize the results for 30 days after going live: this ensures we're giving you the greatest ROI (return on investment) and giving your customers the best possible experience.


If you're currently using another email provider & are interested in activating this Email Flow Automation package, we'd be happy to help you migrate to Klaviyo – at zero additional cost when you purchase this package.

Additionally, if you're using apps, such as the following, we can help you integrate those with Klaviyo too:

  • JudgeMe
  • ManyChat
  • Privy
  • Recart
  • Recurring Orders by Bold
  • Spin A Sale
  • Wheelio
  • And so many others – book a consultation and we'd be happy to talk it through.


What's the ROI?

Great question. Let's take a store doing $20K per month as an example. 

At the low end, let's assume a revenue lift of 10% (an additional $2,000 per month). You'd have made your investment back within less than 15 days. 

Furthermore, these email automation will continue to generate thousands of dollars in additional revenue every month for the foreseeable future without any further intervention.

Book a consultation with us today – we're more than happy to answer any questions & see if we're a good fit.

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