Proud To Call Them Clients

We Help Brands Grow & Scale On Shopify

We started with food & nutrition brands in early 2019 and have grown rapidly to become a one stop shop for commerce for merchants both domestic & international.

Through our 20+ combined years of experiences growing eCommerce businesses, leading teams to success, from helping thousands of others, we adamantly believe we're the guys & girls to take a 360 degree approach to partnering with you for the long term & growing your food business.

Our job & responsibility?

To get you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest time possible. To give you the tools, the services, the team & the confidence you need to get from where you are to where you want to be. 

What qualifies BRND Labs?

We've been exactly where you are.

We began as merchants, which turned into a part-time consultancy, speaking gigs, podcast interviews... before we realised what had happened we had a pool of clients that loved us for our utter transparency and dedication to helping them grow in the most efficient & effective ways possible for their business.

Today, we're proud to be growing like a little rocket ship with phenomenal client relationships.

Learn how to build & grow your commerce business; leaner & faster.

After helping thousands of others, we've come to realise that conversations and experiences we've had deserve to be heard by more than the few.

The Tom Brown Audio Show is a resource, dedicated to helping others, by answering your questions, interviewing the business leaders, giving you the honest advice you need to hear, and being your daily resource for growth.

Perfect for your commute, join a movement of entrepreneurs behind rapidly growing eCommerce brands throughout the world.

Your journey into the eCommerce business landscape, the required mindset and the tools to get you there starts here. 🎙

Tom Brown is the founder & CEO of Shopify store Posted Protein, a six-figure platform obsessed with the health & wellbeing of its customers, the CEO of BRND Labs, and the host of The Tom Brown Audio Show podcast.

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